The "Yellowstone" Costars, led by Kevin Costner, "cut him loose" following his disagreement with Taylor Sheridan.

After leaving the Western due to his conflict with show creator Taylor Sheridan, Kevin Costner thought his co-stars on Yellowstone would stay close friends. 

However, the TV cowboy now feels deceived after being kicked out by his former castmates, an exclusive source tells Life & Style.

According to the insider, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and others don't want anything to do with the Golden Globe winner because they hold him responsible for the popular Paramount+ series being canceled after five seasons.

The insider continues, "In the months since he left the show, he used to hear from Cole and the rest of the gang, but they've cut him loose." 

After arguing with Taylor last year about scheduling, pay, and a desire for less work, Kevin, 69, bid goodbye to the drama. 

However, his former coworkers are still hurt by their star's choice to leave.

The insider said, "They're not excited when he calls and they're not making any effort to see him." "They have strayed from us."

It's a far cry from the crew's prior outward expressions of gratitude for Kevin.

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