This survival thriller features Ryan Reynolds at his most dramatic.

We often forget that Ryan Reynolds was one of those excellent performers who had to be the greatest part of lackluster productions before the Deadpool franchise's popularity.

Reynolds wasn't responsible for Green Lantern or R.I.P.D.'s failures, but they did signal a bleak future for his leading man career. 

 Reynolds' Wade Wilson character became popular because of his sarcastic underdogism, which may have been due to these early misfires.

 Reynolds' self-awareness has helped his career, but he's also demonstrated he can handle simpler dramas. 

The 2010 survival thriller Buried showcases Reynolds' acting skills, but it lacks his post-Deadpool sarcasm.

American truck driver Paul works in Iraq. After an Iraqi attack, he wakes up in a casket, alive.

Escape this claustrophobic death trap with a lighter and cell phone in a race against time.

Buried follows American civilian Paul Conroy as he wakes up in a sealed casket after the 2006 Iraq invasion.

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