Three Rule Changes the NHL Should Make  

The Colorado Avalanche have been off for a few days, which means I've had a lot of time to think about some rule changes I'd want to see implemented in the NHL.  

I believe the league is doing well. Scoring is up, the wage ceiling is likely to be raised again, and there appears to be more skill on exhibit than ever.  

However, no league is flawless, and the NHL is no exception.  

Contrary to popular perception, after viewing so much of Kovalenko and Gulyayev this year, I have not learnt any Russian.  

However, I've seen that the KHL operates extremely differently than the NHL. 

For starters, they review EVERYTHING. If they are unsure about a penalty call, they review it and are not hesitant to remove it from the board.  

I'm not sure if the NHL requires more evaluations, but some folks simply want them to do everything perfect.  

One aspect of their gameplay that I enjoy is their use of powerplay.   

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