With their healthful benefits, chia seeds are a great addition to pudding.

 To fully utilize chia seeds' healthy qualities, try these recipes that incorporate them into snack bars, smoothies, energy balls,

 With its generous amount of seeds and flours, this low-carb bread manages to resemble traditional bread while maintaining a low carb count. 

 These oatmeal bars, loaded with oats, chocolate chips, and chia seeds, are ideal as a quick snack.

 Use a spoon to eat this thick and creamy smoothie bowl! An easy vegan breakfast can be made using frozen berries and bananas combined with a small amount of almond milk.

 The smoothie-bowl trend began with this nutritious smoothie recipe. To customize it, add any preferred nuts, seeds, and fruit.

 This nutritious smoothie recipe is particularly green thanks to the avocado and kale combination. Chia seeds add a heart-healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

 This high-fiber chia mixture can help streamline your restroom routine when you're feeling behind schedule.

 Cacao nibs combined with dried blueberries and pecans make a delicious chocolate treat any time of day. 

facilitate easier digestion, the chia seeds gel into a paste.

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