Top 8 Flowers to Plant in a Cutting Garden 

Choose a sunny spot for your cutting garden, about the size of a picnic table, and close to a water source for easy watering. 

Select a few favorite flower varieties for your first year to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can either direct seed them or purchase seedlings. 

Consider starting seeds indoors if you're in a cold climate to get a head start on the growing season. 

Extend your blooming season by planting flowers that thrive in cooler weather, especially in warmer regions where they can be planted from late September to November and overwintered for blooms in March to May. 

Protect your garden from rabbits and deer by fencing it off, as they can damage your flowers as much as they do your vegetables. 

Once your flowers start blooming, don't hesitate to cut them frequently. Cutting encourages more growth and blooms. 

Opt for large containers like half whisky barrels filled with potting mix if you prefer container gardening. 

Enjoy the beauty and bounty of your cutting garden without worrying about excessive maintenance or overwhelming variety. 

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