'Top Chef' Has Entertained a New Era, and Kristen Kish Can Help You Adjust.

The new host is probably the biggest change in Wednesday's Top Chef season 21 premiere.

 Padma Lakshmi finally tells an unlucky hopeful to take their knives and leave after 19 seasons and as many years. Hi, Kristen Kish. 

Season 10 champion, who started the competition before returning to the finale on spin-off Last Chance Kitchen, was an early candidate to replace Padma after her departure last summer.

Since winning in 2012, Kish has hosted the Netflix update of Iron Chef and National Geographic's Restaurants at the End of the World. 

 When Top Chef's Wisconsin-set cycle begins, Kish isn't the only change. 

Along with the participants, judges Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio narrate the broadcast. They'll judge the Quickfire challenge with Kish in mid-season. 

Minor changes are hard to accept. However, Kish's inclusion in this cooking competition turned culinary kingmaker mitigates post-Padma shock.

In March, she spoke via Zoom about the upcoming season, Lakshmi's recommendations, and her favorite restaurant trend.

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