My coworkers on the health team and I discover dozens of workout tricks every year;  

some of them are truly effective!  

Our workouts were designed to be time-efficient with significant benefits for energy, lifespan, and other areas.   

With a little assistance from friends, we also discovered fantastic strategies for maintaining motivation and enjoying exercise.  

Joining a neighborhood sports team is a terrific way to embrace your competitive spirit and add excitement to your workouts,  

senior editor Julia Naftulin of Business Insider's sex and relationships section.  

Senior health writer Leah Rosenbaum suggests that having a dog around to give some pretty clear cues when it's time to step outdoors for a break   

For extra energy, she now begins her day with some side body stretches, cat/cow poses, and spinal flexion exercises.  

Cliff Wilson, a bodybuilder and top physique instructor in the field, told Business Insider that although high volumes of training—such as 90-minute workouts five or six days   

Sean Ono Lennon’s 2024 Oscars Speech Wishes Mom Yoko Happy Mother’s Day 

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