Choosing an olive oil bottle is similar to selecting a bottle of wine.

Although you can purchase any reasonably-looking product at the grocery store, each bottle has a distinct flavor profile 

 Not only are bottles composed of various olive varietals, but some are best kept for particular applications, like as adding to vinaigrettes or drizzling over cooked fish. 

some olive oils are workhorses that are meant to be used on a daily basis; the California Olive Ranch Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect example

When selecting premium olive oil, production and quality are the most important factors, according to Rezdôra executive pastry chef Dominique Lombardo.

You're probably onto something good if it's entirely matte or composed of dark glass, as natural light is the enemy of olive oil.

 Better still if the bottle includes information about the country of origin and the harvest date.


 All of these facts point to the fact that you're buying extra virgin olive oil from a manufacturer who maintains strict quality control over their output.


Rezdôra executive pastry chef Dominique Lombardo.


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