Trump’s Abusive EV Language

Former President Donald J. Trump says he warned of a “blood bath” if he is not elected president in November was about electric automobiles, not political violence.


But addressing a form of automobile technology in violent terms may sound unusual, but it fits Mr. Trump's increasingly savage attitude toward electric vehicles, one of his favorite foes.


He has long said electric cars will “kill” the US auto sector. He dubbed them “assassination” of jobs. 


He claimed that the Biden administration “ordered a hit job on Michigan manufacturing” by promoting electric automobiles.


After making many misleading statements regarding electric vehicles, he proposed a “100% tariff” on Mexican cars brought into the US on Saturday. 


 “And you can’t sell those cars,” he remarked. “If elected. If I'm not elected, the whole thing will be bloody. 


 That will be the least. A bloodbath for the nation is just the beginning. But they won't sell those cars."


George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication director Edward W. Maibach said Trump uses graphic language to rally his supporters.


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