Tyron Smith's agreement could be worth $20 million, but it will be hard to get.

Tyron Smith leaves Cowboys after 13 years. According to reports, he might earn $20 million in his fourteenth year.

Smith's one-year Jets contract guarantees $6.5 million, according to a league source. He must be available and play often to unlock most of his pay.

 For example, he must play at least 90% of offensive snaps this season to get the maximum package.

The last time he missed fewer than three games was 2015 The Jets were astonished he accepted the offer due to the creative contract.

 As the first week of free agency ended, the 33-year-old tackle had no better options.

 Jets get a tremendous deal. Playing more means earning more. They're covered if he misses most of the season.


He missed 13 regular-season games in 2022 due to injury. 14 regular-season games were missed in 2020


 It was reasonable for the Jets to defend themselves. Smith has a financial motive to go back to 2015.


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