--Unknown Facts Regarding Bananas--

This common fruit has many amazing, non-brutal stories to tell, ranging from local beliefs to global politics, and from ancient ancestors to contemporary hybrids.  

Okay, so this first bit of information may hurt feelings, but yes, technically speaking, bananas are berries.   

Bananas have been a favorite food of humans for thousands of years. Based on available data, they were initially tamed in Papua New Guinea approximately 8,000 BCE, and subsequently dispersed throughout tropical areas across the globe. Even the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt depict bananas!  

Not just any fruit, though, bananas are the fruit of the biggest herbaceous flowering plant on Earth. The 30-foot-tall record-holder is indigenous to the rainforests of Southeast Asia.  

Bananas don't ward off physicians as apples do, but because of their low density, the majority of them float on water. Play "Green River" by CCR, add a banana, and presto—  

Surprisingly, India is the world's top producer of bananas, yet tropical countries may come to mind when thinking about banana production.   

A trace quantity of potassium-40, a radioactive isotope that is perfectly harmless in short amounts, can be found in bananas.   

Overindulging in food or participating in queering or peeling activities that lead to hoarding may cause concern.  

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