US administration appears concerned about lunar economy development.

For the first time, the US is seriously considering a Moon economy. Naturally, NASA is building the Artemis program to return humans to the Moon. NASA wants to create a lunar economy where it is not the only consumer.


Far easier said than done. A lunar economy requires many prerequisites. Resources, a unique environment for scientific research, 


 low-gravity manufacturing, tourism, or any valuable resource must be there. There must be reliable Moon travel. 


 Power and communications for equipment and humans on the moon are needed. It's a lot.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has assisted in recent months. 


This is crucial since DARPA has a history of supporting successful developing technology. 


 DARPA bought SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket's first launch. 


Last year, the defense agency announced LunA-10, a research on how to support a viable lunar economy by 2035.


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