Usher Praises the 'Strong' Women in His Life During Career Milestone Moment

Usher's 2024 campaign is still going strong, as the singer won the NAACP President's Award shortly after dominating the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage in February.

In a moving address, the singer paid tribute to the women in his life, acknowledging their influence and support. 

On Saturday, March 16, Usher approached the stage to accept the President's Award, surrounded by many of his colleagues.

Although the prize was intended for him, Usher utilized the occasion to highlight the ladies in his life, particularly his mother and new wife.

Usher began by saying, "They say behind or beside or with every strong man is a stronger woman, and for that, I thank my mother and my beautiful wife

 Jennifer [Goicoechea], for holding me down," before addressing his late grandmother, Ernestine Carter, and his children.

He then offered an emotional statement devoted to his mother, Jonnetta Patton, adding, 

Far too often in our field, women do not receive the accolades that they deserve. 

It was even more difficult for a mother to trust in my dreams because I was so certain of them."

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