The San Diego Zoo is a top-notch attraction, recognized for its cutting-edge habitats and dedication to conservation.  

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The National Zoo, a sanctuary for wildlife, is tucked away in the nation's capital.  

The Bronx Zoo, one of the biggest zoos in the city, provides an enthralling experience through a variety of exhibits, such as JungleWorld and the Congo Gorilla Forest.  

Nestled amidst Portland's verdant surroundings, the Oregon Zoo is renowned for its captivating exhibits and dedication to conservation.  

The Columbus Zoo, which is home to famed zookeeper Jack Hanna, is a fun place to visit with plenty of different animals.  

The Henry Doorly Zoo, renowned for its top-notch displays, has the biggest indoor desert and nocturnal exhibits.   

The Philadelphia Zoo, the country's first zoo, has a rich history and a wide variety of animals.  

The only zoo in the continental US with a subtropical climate is Zoo Miami, which is well-known for its tropical surroundings.  

This vibrant center for wildlife conservation and education is located in the center of Houston and is home to the zoo.  

The Asian River Life exhibit and the Amazon and Beyond exhibit take visitors to a variety of global environments.  

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