Viewers are astonished by unsettling optical illusion that 'unveils your deepest fear in life'.  

Optical illusions remain popular online, and one of them has made people question all they know about themselves.  


Sure, social media can be toxic at times, but nothing demonstrates how cool it can be like the quantity of optical illusions that go viral  


One video particular has been spreading on TikTok, with one user stating that it 'unveils your worst fear in life'. Isn't this really serious stuff  


Instead of witnessing bizarre examples of your mind playing tricks on you, you can settle for existential dread. 

In an optical illusion provided by @psychologylove100, viewers are invited to examine an image and determine what it is. 

The TikToker, whose credentials for giving psychological insight are unknown, believes that what you see reveals a lot about what 'affects you the most' in your life.  


The video's narration argues that if you first encountered a rodent, you are more terrified of shame and ridicule.  


"Pity and mocking are the most harmful things for you. It frequently saps your confidence and value as a human being.  

The James Webb Space Telescope targets a Triangulum Galaxy star-forming region. 

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