Watch Rick Ross in Custom Mask Mimicking His Own Face

Rick Ross impulsively decided to buy a mask of his own face and wear it to show others on social media.   

Ross posted a video to his Instagram Story on Thursday showing himself wearing the mask without saying anything  

The Maybach Music Group boss posed wearing a mask with the same tattoos and full beard as him.  

There is no news on what Ross intends to do with the mask, but fans can expect him to make good use of it on Instagram Stories.  

In other matters, Ross recently contacted a watch specialist named Nico Leonard van der Horst,  

who said his $3 million Audemars Piguet is a fake. Ross took to his Instagram account and let van der Horst hear a mouthful.   

"It's incredible that the tiny overweight guy in the one-cubicle office is talking about watches, Rick Ross, and his Audemars.  

It's a straightforward task for a boss. Now, keep out of mature people's business, little piglet.  

Get out of your one-cubicle workplace and explore the globe. "You're on Rozay dick."  

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