We Were Inspired to Update Our Shoe Collection by Jennifer Aniston's Bulky Sneakers – We Found Pairs for $39  

It takes skill to find shoes that are both gorgeous and comfy, but Jennifer Aniston has it down pat.    

The Friends actress wore a long black coat, light-wash pants, and statement accessories when she went out last week in Los Angeles. Her black shades and woven crossbody purse gave off an edgy,  

Rodeo Drive style vibe, while her clunky white shoes and baseball cap completed the ensemble.   

We searched for shoes exactly like hers since we wanted pair that looked like hers, and we discovered that she was wearing New Balance 372, which cost exactly $100.   

Aniston's New Balances are different from the plain ones that other celebs have been seen sporting recently. While celebrities like Emily Blunt, Natalie Portman, and Katie Holmes are sporting white sneakers,  

theirs are a bit more sleek and less chunky; the idea is that the more chunky the shoes, the more sporty the look. They will also possibly be more comfortable and cushioned on the feet because they are higher and thicker.   

Additionally, as seen on Kate Middleton, white sneakers go well with a variety of ensembles, including summery dresses, basic denim,  

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