Webb Finds Third Planet Signs at PDS 70

There are 5,599 confirmed exoplanets in 4,163 star systems and 10,157 candidates awaiting confirmation. 


 Most have been identified indirectly using Transit Photometry (74.4%) and Radial Velocity measurements (19.4%). 


Only nineteen (1.2%) were identified via Direct Imaging, which uses light reflected from an exoplanet's atmosphere or surface to detect and characterize it.


 New high-contrast and high-angular resolution tools are changing this.


This includes the James Webb Space Telescope's upgraded mirrors and infrared imaging equipment. 


 The MIRI mid-INfrared Disk Survey (MINDS) recently analyzed a very young variable star (PDS 70) 370 light-years away with two verified protoplanets using Webb's Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) data. 


The system and its extended debris disk revealed a third putative protoplanet orbiting the star. 


 These observations may improve our knowledge of planetary systems in formation.


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