One of the greatest pleasures in life is a scoop of something sweet and creamy.   

Ice cream and gelato are just two of the many alternatives available to fans of frozen desserts to sate their sweet desire.  

These summertime favorites aren't the same, even though they both start with a machine or hand-churned mixture of milk, cream, and sugar.  

Because ice cream has a higher cream to milk ratio than gelato, it usually contains more fat  

Its quicker churning rate also gives it a fluffier, more airy texture. Conversely, gelato is sometimes described as thicker, softer, more intensely flavorful,  

even stretchy, with a foundation consisting primarily of milk rather than cream.   

Although the translation of this popular Italian delicacy is "ice cream," it's not exactly the same. Typically containing 4 to 9% less milk fat than ice cream, gelato has a denser,   

This is caused by the base, which usually consists of more milk and less cream, as well as a slower churning process that uses less air to create the finished product.   

The silkier texture of gelato is partly attributed to gelaterias' storage of their cases at a temperature higher than that of other ice cream stores.  

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