When Epic Games Store opens on iPhone this year, Epic will take 12%.

The continuing battle between Apple and its largest App Store competitors continues today. First, Meta, Microsoft, X, and ,


 Match Group filed an amicus brief in the US today to oppose Apple's proposed anti-steering modifications.


Epic Games detailed its plans to develop an iPhone app marketplace in the EU. The corporation will charge 12% commission on sales.


After its US lawsuit with Epic Games, Apple relaxed its anti-steering regulations to allow app developers to link to alternative payment methods. 


Apple will collect a commission on alternative payment platform sales, though. 


This commission is 12% for App Store Small Business Program developers and 27% for others.


Epic Games has asked the court to punish Apple in contempt for their anti-steering modifications.


Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match Group also stated in a new amicus brief filed with the court today that Apple is not complying with the injunction.


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