Where should Rams rank in the NFC after first wave of free agency?

The first wave of free agency has concluded, and the Los Angeles Rams appear to be in excellent shape with the NFL Draft just a month away.  

Following a 3-6 start last season, Los Angeles appeared to emerge from nowhere to make a stunning postseason run. 

The Rams should have a way back to contention in a wide-open NFC, but not everyone was sold on their 2023 success, as indicated by this tweet:  

I fully agree, Mr. Ellenbogen; having LA sit 10th in the conference is absurd—about as laughable as having your wisdom teeth out.   

Aaron Donald's retirement hurts. However, this does not justify a sharp drop in NFC forecasts.  

There is no way that any logical person would rank the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, or Seattle FREAKING Seachickens above the Rams.  

As much as I admire Kirk Cousins, are we truly confident that the Falcons' roster was just a quarterback away  

Also, how will Cousins perform at the age of 36 and coming off a torn Achilles  

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