Where to travel in 2024, based on your zodiac sign  

Join us on a journey guided by the stars to destinations that are ideally suited with your zodiac sign.   

Discover how the cosmos can impact your wanderlust, from Aries' scorching vistas to Pisces' calm getaways. BonusFinder.  

"Applying astrology to wellbeing, romance or shopping is increasingly popular, but astrocartography isn't often consulted... yet," he said.  


"Astrocartography is an extension of each individual's star chart so that you can find the best locations for yourself worldwide." Here's what Honigman suggested:  


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): New Zealand | January is the month of Aquarians, who are individualistic and free-spirited, and will desire to immerse themselves in nature in New Zealand.  

Aquarians can accomplish precisely that, because to their lush open spaces and plenty of stunning landscapes.Pisces (February 19 to March 20):   

Romantic and shy Hawaii is the ideal travel destination for Pisces, as it is surrounded by sea and has miles of warm beaches.   


Pisces will enjoy reconnecting with their aquatic roots by visiting volcanic national parks and surfing beautiful waters.  


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