Which Zodiac Sign Has the Greatest Emotional Strength?  

Breakups and professional changes, as well as harsh arguments and unforeseen tragedies, provide plenty of mental and emotional problems for us.   


There's no need to be concerned, though—the stars may be able to shed some light  


We've taken a close look at each zodiac sign (including which ones are emotionally strongest and weakest) to help you welcome the future with open arms.  


This fixed earth sign is grounded and steadfast, with greater mental and emotional strength than the usual sign.  

Taurus can be stubborn at times, but they always approach difficult situations with patience and tenacity.   

Whatever emotional obstacle or struggle a Taurus confronts, they will always emerge stronger on the other side!  


Bold, bold, and resilient, the fiery lion is poised and ready to take on anything life throws at them.   


Have you had a rough week? It's no problem for a Leo; they've got their game face on and are prepared to confront whatever mental and emotional hurdles that the coming days may bring.  

The James Webb Space Telescope targets a Triangulum Galaxy star-forming region. 

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