Who's Dan Schneider? The Nickelodeon 'golden boy' accused of abuse in new documentary

Several Hollywood stars have been rumored since the Investigation Discovery docuseries "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV" premiered this week.

The tell-all documentary, released in two parts on Sunday and Monday evening, shocked viewers with behind-the-scenes stories of Nickelodeon's biggest TV shows 

 and revealed the allegedly toxic and abusive environment created by adults at the network, including Brian Peck, who served jail time for sexually abusing Drake Bell.

The documentary focused on showrunner Dan Schneider, as former child stars and adult coworkers accused him of racism, misogyny, harassment, and verbal abuse.

 As Nickelodeon's "golden boy," Schnieder created some of the network's most lucrative live-action shows, which several former coworkers believe encouraged his terrible behavior.

What happened behind Nick's favorite shows and how was Schneider involved? What we know

Brian Peck: Former Nickelodeon coach guilty of indecent conduct with youngster back in spotlight Who's Dan Schneider?

One of the main topics of "Quiet on Set," the Nickelodeon TV program abuse documentary, was Dan Schneider. TV producer, screenwriter, and actor Dan Schneider is well known for children's programming.

Schneider and Schneider's Bakery produce Nickelodeon's hit shows "The Amanda Show," "Drake & Josh," "Zoe 101," "iCarly," and others.

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