Why 5 Chinese zodiac signs had the luckiest love horoscopes this week  

To be lucky in love, one must first become aware of one's surroundings. That's the message and energy for this week, March 11-17, 2024.  

After all, the worst thing you can do in love is fool yourself into believing someone likes you when it's clear to everyone (and secretly to you) that they don't.  

his week's I Ching hexagram for love is Lake over Thunder (#17), which changes to Heaven over Fire (#13).   


This hexagram encourages us to flow rhythmically as we go about our daily lives, to be assertive some days and more relaxed others  


So be patient, and move like a dancer. Luck will find you on that route.   

If you feel compelled to, pull out your checklist of essentials this week and tally how many attributes you have and how many you lack.   

Now, let's look at the five Chinese zodiac signs that are the luckiest in love during the week of March 11-17.  


If you are single and looking for a life companion, let your instincts guide you this week.   


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