Why Acosta's MotoGP debut matters more than his results

Pedro Acosta's ninth-place result in Qatar last Sunday doesn't represent his impact on the MotoGP world championship opener or his future with KTM.


After a pre-season focused on Marc Marquez and Gresini Ducati, Pedro Acosta's MotoGP debut appeared to swing the media scale in his favor.


In the main race, Francesco Bagnaia showed his strength as Acosta came back from 10th place ,


 place on the first lap to fourth place by the 12th after overtaking Marquez with a huge dive into the first corner.


The second fastest lap of the race by the 19-year-old GasGas driver is undoubtedly the best example of his shamelessness.


The high demand for Acosta's first long race prevented him from finishing strong.


 When speaking to journalists after the race, the rider said his lack of expertise led his tyres to degrade too much, preventing him from keeping up his first-half pace.


Equally critical was his abrupt forearm tightness in the last six circuits, which irreparably slowed him by one to 1.5 seconds every lap.


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