Why Sara Evans Is Seeking the 'Benefit of the Doubt' After Reconciling with Husband: 'People Are Gonna Be Mad' (Exclusive)  

Sara Evans pauses while discussing the poignant music video for her new single "Pride," and her calm demeanour crumbles as tears come up in her eyes.  

The song is a powerful tribute to a woman's fortitude and tenacity in the face of her partner's attempts to make her feel small.   

Gauge told a US television station that he wanted to apologise to Twain for "wasting her time".

And for Evans, it's a page taken from her diary at a difficult period in her marriage to Jay Barker.  

He's watched it with me several times. We share it with visitors, and it warms my heart.   

Oh, I didn't realise I was going to weep," she admits with a nervous giggle before pausing to compose herself.   

"They're going to judge me. 'Why are you sorry for him?' But I know what he's feeling: humiliation. But he's also gutsy in saying, 'Yeah, that's the reality. "I did that."  

Such self-reflection is new for Barker, but it's one of the reasons Evans, 53, decided to restart their marriage after filing for divorce in August 2021  

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