Why you should buy a MacBook Air over a Pro

MacBook Air finally catches up. The M3 in the MacBook Air brings the benefits of the chip formerly available only on the MacBook Pro and iMac.


Selecting between the M3 15-inch MacBook Air and the 14-inch MacBook Pro involves a thorough comparison of connectors, screens, speakers, and more. Making this choice is difficult.


But there's more basic advice that should influence most shopping decisions: be honest.


I'm not going to make you prioritize your money. Someone will always think something is better because it costs more. I can't help you if you're already set on spending as much as possible.


I think there's a misperception about the two laptop brands because so many people carry MacBook Pros.


People are unaware of the MacBook Air's improved quality. They'd probably be better off getting the MacBook Air if they were honest.


The M3 makes the MacBook Air powerful. This generation's GPU has improved graphics performance by 43% from the M2. The jump is that big.


Although Apple still sells the cheaper M2 model, I think you'll be amazed by how well it performs. It may not compete with laptops with dedicated GPUs like the ROG Zephyrus G14, but I was impressed in my testing. This thing can run surprisingly many AAA games.


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