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The Tony Award–winning Broadway musical Wicked, a prequel to Wizard of Oz, is based on Gregory Maguire's 1995 novel.  

The Broadway premiere of Wicked took place in 2003, with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel playing the original roles of Glinda and Elphaba.  

Long before Dorothy arrives in the fantastical country of Oz, the interwoven tale of the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West is being told.  

On February 11, 2024, the first Wicked trailer debuted with a prominent Super Bowl 2024 placement.  

trailer that features high-flying colorful vistas and fragments of ambitious scenes set to "Defying Gravity,"   

it offers an enticing first peek at how the film will feel and sound.  

On March 20, 2024, nearly a full year later, Vanity Fair finally provided a formal first look at the film along with a number of behind-the-scenes images.   

The Wicked cast can be seen posing in character on different movie sets in these images.  

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