With 23XI Racing's ‘Airspeed’ facility, Denny Hamlin created the racing shop Google.

As Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan turn 23XI Racing into a championship contender, facilities are crucial. 


 The NASCAR Cup Series is more competitive for talent from driver to pit wall.


Denny Hamlin aspires to become NASCAR's “Google” with 23XI Racing's new team shop. The crew does more than work on vehicles before races there. 


This full-service facility will handle all team operations.


Hamlin told FOX Sports' Bob Pockrass that it recruits the best.


Additionally, his team can work in a setting they want.


“I wanted to create the best working environment in any race team,” Hamlin stated. “It's like taking your kids to a college campus to decide where they want to spend the next four years.


Our recruiting facility prioritizes mental health, collaboration, and innovation, with the goal of transforming the industry.


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