With season 10, Overwatch 2 will no longer require battle passes for new heroes.

Venture, a new Overwatch 2 hero, and a new unlock method will be added in the upcoming season. 


 Blizzard will make Venture and all future heroes free for all players when they launch, 


 eliminating the need to buy a premium battle pass or play dozens of hours to acquire them.


Season 10 of Overwatch 2 will debut in April with free access to all prior heroes, including Mauga, Illari, and Lifeweaver. 


 Blizzard said “once the heroes from the original Overwatch roster have been unlocked, 


all Overwatch 2 heroes will also become available.” New players must complete the first-time user experience to unlock heroes.


That's a huge difference from Overwatch's controversial paywall or progression system for new heroes.


 Game director Aaron Keller stated in a new video that Blizzard is making several battle pass modifications.


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