‘X-Men ’97’: Storm losing her powers explained

Nostalgic fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of X-Men: The Animated Series. Almost three decades, to be accurate.

X-Men: '97 doesn't disappoint. Picking up where season 5 left off, the X-Men face the consequences of Charles Xavier's death. 

Scott (Ray Chase) takes on the role of leader as Jean (Jennifer Hale) encourages them to leave the squad after their baby is born.

Magneto (Matthew Waterson) emerges as an unexpected solution, as Xavier bequeathed the X-Mansion to him in his will. 

This isn't the last time the X-Men have been caught off guard. In a heartbreaking cliffhanger, Storm (Alison Sealy-Smith), an Omega-level mutant, is reduced to human form after losing her power to command the weather.

Storm has garnered little appreciation in many X-Men film adaptations. In Marvel Comics, she has long been an authoritative figure, leading X-Men teams on her own.

Finally, in X-Men '97, she is portrayed as her most powerful. Her Omega status is notably evident when she fights the Sentinels and Master Mold in the first episode of the new season. 

Her abilities are so powerful that she can quickly transform sand into glass and create tornadoes. This sequence is all the more tragic when she loses them in the next episode to the evil X-Cutioner.

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