Megan Fox describes her breast surgeries as "traumatizing"

Megan Fox openly discusses her multiple breast augmentation surgeries on the Call Her Daddy podcast, describing the experience as "traumatizing." 

Fox underwent three breast surgeries, one in her early 20s, another after breastfeeding, and a recent one. 

She expressed her dislike for surgery and instructed her doctor to give her the "biggest boobs" possible during her recent procedure. 

Fox's fear of general anesthesia adds to her apprehension about surgery, requiring her doctors to assure her safety beforehand. 

Describing her request, Fox asked for "1990 stripper titties" from her doctor, prioritizing size over current trends. 

She ended up with 32D implants, explaining they appear larger on her petite frame but expressing a desire for even bigger ones if possible. 

Fox views her surgeries as a necessary but unpleasant experience, seeking a "reward" for enduring them. 

Despite her reservations, she remains candid about her surgeries and preferences, showcasing her commitment to authenticity. 

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