'Yellowstone' star Piper Perabo details the show’s 'values' that she aligns with

Piper Perabo, the star of "Yellowstone," is opening up about her character and the smash television series.

Perabo plays Summer Higgins, an environmental activist who is residing with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) after being released from prison on a civil disobedience charge

She is appointed environmental advisor to Montana's newly elected governor.

In real life, the actor identifies as an environmental activist and frequently uses Twitter to raise awareness. She also joined Jane Fonda's 2019 climate change protest. 

In an interview with Variety, Perabo was asked if she was concerned that her character might come across as a "latte liberal," as Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) perceives her.

"I was concerned a little, because that's how Beth views Summer at the beginning, and the audience is so in love with Beth that her view of someone tends to sway them," Perabo said.

When asked about how her personal political views do not always line with the Dutton family's,

Perabo said that the discrepancies make it a "fun part of the process" and that she actually has a lot more in common with the family than people might assume.

"It's an enjoyable aspect of the process. Nobody is claiming that every character on 'Yellowstone' is an angel, or even correct," she said. 

"Taylor Sheridan and the 'Yellowstone' universe believe in a lot of things that I believe in, such as the representation of Native American values and tribes, as well as the struggle and internal politics of family life

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