'Yellowstone' star Wes Bentley will 'celebrate' drama-plagued show coming to an end 

Kevin Costner is shattering "Yellowstone" fans' hearts.

The 68-year-old announced on Instagram that he's excited to make new music, but he didn't mention the hit show. 

Costner posted a guitar-holding shot on stage, writing, "Our #TalesFromYellowstone album turns three. My band and I had so much pleasure making and playing this for you."  

He added, "I’m in movie mode right now, but look forward to getting the band back together for more music soon!" 

He's probably talking about "Horizon," his passion project, a Western. 

The majority of his social media comments were encouraging, with fans eager to see him perform again and anticipate his forthcoming ventures, although many were upset that Costner didn't mention "Yellowstone." 

One person praised the CD and wished the actor well on "Horizon," adding a final note. We want John Dutton back to finish our favorite show and honor him. Please consider"

One fan guilt-tripped Costner, saying, "Finish Yellowstone. Many fans are disappointed waiting for the end." 

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