Your ideal plant based on your zodiac sign  

It is time to let your inner plant parent show! Sometimes all we need is the proper plant to help us activate our intuitive plant senses  


To accomplish this, consider using astrology to find the best houseplant for you based on your habits, characteristics, and personality.  


Aquarius plant parents are humanitarians who want to improve the planet. They are quirky and despise any limitations that impede their goals.  


This progressive personality combination makes the pothos an ideal match for this sign.  

This plant has long trailing leaves with stunning white variegation, reflecting an Aquarian's visionary spirit, colourful personality, and desire to stretch out  

It's no wonder that the Aquarian's ideal plant is also one that purifies the air and allows others to breathe more easily.   


Check out our pothos care guide to learn how you can maintain your white marble pothos happy and healthy.Many people equate this sign with understanding and forgiveness.  


A Pisces might be your greatest comforter because of their constant compassion. This makes a ZZ plant an excellent partner for a Pisces.  

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