Your weekly horoscope: A full moon in energetic Gemini will get things started with a boom.  

This week begins on an upbeat note, as the mood-ruling moon waxes full in vivacious Gemini on Monday  

While we may be tempted to take large swings during this lunation, engaging in reckless activity may cause more harm than good.  

Do your best to pause before acting and set aside selfish sentiments; collaboration and cooperation will be essential if you want to finish specific chores before the end of the year.   


However, when exchanging thoughts with others, you must avoid allowing gullibility to overcome you.   


This will be especially important when Mercury, the planet of communication, squares the deceptive Neptune later Monday.   

People might easily become confused during this time, so be cautious about what information you spread and who you share it with. If you aren't careful, you may be taken advantage of.   

From Tuesday to Friday, there will be a drop in cosmic activity; take advantage of this time to improve your thinking and analyse how you react to others.   


Then, on Saturday, when expressive Mercury forms a sextile with disciplined Saturn, it's time to start planning your long-term ambitions.   


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