korean smashed tofu banchan

Banchans are a type of Korean side dish that is normally of very high quality, highly delicious, and extremely addicting! Banchans are a type of Korean side dish. The term “banchan” is a moniker that is frequently used to refer to banchans, which are side dishes that are categorized as belonging to the genre of Korean cuisine.

When it comes to all of the bap-doduks, there is a possibility that this tofu that has been broken is the one that deserves the title of being the most remarkable of them all!

This spicy, salty, and flavorful smashed tofu will be devoured in a matter of minutes if you remember to take a deep breath before you scoop it over rice. Otherwise, it will be devoured in a matter of minutes. All that is required of you is to keep in mind to take a few deep breaths. On the other hand, before you proceed with that, you need to make sure that you don’t forget to take a few deliberate breaths. Be sure to remind yourself to take a few deep breaths that are lengthy and deep.

korean smashed tofu banchan
korean smashed tofu banchan

As a result of its uncomplicated construction, this banchan is an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to take care of the preparation of dinner. The fact that it is so easy to use makes it nearly impossible to achieve any kind of error. The fact that this is the case makes it a very good choice.

After a certain amount of time has elapsed, the leftovers should be placed in a Tupperware container, and then the container should be stored in the refrigerator. Next, you will need to remove the container from the refrigerator and put it somewhere else. Due to the fact that it will be stored for a period of up to five days, this dish will continue to enjoy its flavor and be suitable for consumption.
It is possible to prepare a meal that is quite satiating by heating the Tupperware in the microwave whenever you feel hungry, frying an egg (this step is optional), and then combining the egg with rice. After this, you can make a dinner that is quite satisfying. In the case that you are experiencing feelings of hunger, what you can do is.

What are the primary components that are responsible for their respective contributions to the flavor, and how do these components contribute to the flavor?
When referring to a form of sponge that is suitable for use in the kitchen and is able to preserve the integrity of its contents, the term “tofu” is used. In the event that it would not constitute an excessive amount of work for you, would you kindly permit us to make the most of this occasion to the greatest extent possible? To begin, we are going to begin by stir-frying aromatic and fresh components such as garlic, chili peppers, onions, and sweet onions. This will be our first step. With this, we will take the first step. As a result of this, we will undertake the initial step. The operation will eventually start, and this action will function as the first stage of the procedure and its subsequent stages.

The incorporation of Korean Gochugaru flakes, which will allow the oil to take on a dark red color and transform it into an excellent chili oil, will take place as soon as the oil begins to absorb aroma. This will lead to the oil becoming a fantastic chili oil. The oil will be able to achieve the qualities that are required as a result of this. Consequently, the oil will undergo a transformation into chili oil as a result of your actions.

korean smashed tofu banchan
korean smashed tofu banchan

After the mashed tofu has been incorporated into this mixture, we are going to allow it the opportunity to take in all of the complex flavors that are present in the chile oil. This will take place immediately after the incorporation of the tofu. It is possible that the chili oil will contain all of these flavors. This is always a possibility.


In relation to the crushed tofu that is utilized in Korean cuisine, the following are some suggestions that might be of assistance to you:
It is imperative that you make certain that the chili peppers are incorporated into the food that you are preparing. There is a core flavor that is mostly salty that is present in both the fish sauce and the soy sauce. However, the spicy kick serves to cut through the saltiness of the flavor that is underlying both of these sauces.

A total of seven Korean Cheongyang chili peppers (〭약고㕔), which are a specific variety of chili pepper, are utilized by our organization. It is also possible to substitute three jalapenos for each of them in order to make the dish. Additionally, there is the potential for substitution. This offers an additional option to choose from. For this reason, there is no need to be concerned about the heat that is produced by the chilies because it will be spread as a result of the fact that you are stir-frying them in oil.

To put that into perspective, our organization is currently utilizing a total of three hundred grams of firm tofu at this very moment. If it were possible for you to simply verify the weight that is listed on the container, we would be really grateful to you for doing so. Could you please acknowledge my appreciation in advance for your assistance? We shall utilize the quantities that are appropriate in order to guarantee that the taste contains the required quantity of tofu. Our objective will be accomplished as a result of this. It is crucial to keep in mind that the supper must be stir-fried for an extra two minutes before it can be proclaimed ready. This is something that must be kept in mind when cooking dinner. The two minutes that are allotted will be sufficient to accomplish both of these goals, which are to eliminate the pungent odor of the fish sauce and to limit the amount of liquid that may be left in the frying pan after the cooking procedure has been completed. Both of these goals will be accomplished successfully. Both of these objectives will be successfully completed this time around.

It is vitally necessary for you to remember to set aside part of this banchan for yourself in the event that you have a friend who consumes everything. Isn’t that something that you should do? Oh, heh! We would appreciate it if you would tag us on Instagram if you decide to make it at home and share the results with us. This will allow us to learn about your experience. One of our favorite things to do first thing in the morning is to look at images of the food that you have made. This is one of our favorite hobbies. One of the things that we look forward to performing the most each morning is this particular activity.



  • 300 grams Firm Tofu
  • ½ whole Onion
  • 1 stalk Spring Onion (forearm-length piece)
  • 7 Spicy Cheongyang Chili Peppers (or 3 Jalapeno Peppers)
  • 10 cloves Garlic
  •  Cup Vegetable Oil
  • 3 Tablespoons Gochugaru Flakes
  • 2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons Anchovy Fish Sauce (Or Any Fish Sauce)
  • 1.5 Tablespoons Sugar
  • 1.5 Tablespoons Sesame Oil
  • Few shakes Sesame Seeds


Prep Ingredients

  • Finely dice ½ an Onion into fine pieces. Then dice 1 forearm stalk of Spring Onion into small pieces as well.
  • Finely dice 7 Cheongyang Chili Peppers as well. Then finely mince 10 cloves of Garlic.
  • Remove 300g of tofu from packaging. Smash tofu with the back of your knife – smoosh into small curds.
  • Place frying pan on MEDIUM heat. Place ⅓ cup of vegetable oil into the frying pan.
  • Once oil is hot, place in minced onion, spring onion, chili pepper and garlic – do NOT add the smashed tofu just yet!
  • Stir-fry it all around until the onions start to turn translucent.
  • Then add in Gochugaru Flakes (3 Tablespoons). Stir-fry it in until the oil turns red – into a chili oil.
  • Then add-in the smashed tofu. Stir-fry it in the chili oil for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, lot of moisture will have evaporated from the pan. Now its a good time to add our seasoning: Place in Soy Sauce (2 Tablespoons), Anchovy Fish Sauce (2 Tablespoons). Give it a quick stir.
  • Continue by adding-in Sugar (1.5 Tablespoons) and Sesame Oil (1.5 Tablespoons).
  • Stir-fry now for a final 2 minutes.
  • Then turn the heat off – garnish with a few shakes of sesame seeds.
  • Scoop some onto a bowl of hot rice & enjoy with a fried egg (optional)
  • Place the leftovers directly into a Tupperware – store in refrigerator.


Can I use other types of tofu?

For the sake of this recipe, it is strongly recommended that you use firm tofu; however, you are free to experiment with other types of tofu, such as extra-hard tofu, if you so desire. I hope you enjoy this food! However, it is vital to keep in mind that types that are softer might not be able to endure the process of smashing as well as others. This is something that requires careful consideration. Taking this into mind is something that needs meticulous attention. Keeping this in mind is something that requires careful attention to detail.

korean smashed tofu banchan
korean smashed tofu banchan

Can I make this dish ahead of time?

When the tofu has been smashed, it is feasible to create it ahead of time, and if it is kept in the refrigerator in a container that is airtight, it may be kept there for up to two or three days and still serve its purpose. Considering that the container has been hermetically sealed, it is accurate to say that this is the current state of affairs. It is vital to apply the fresh garnishes shortly before serving in order to obtain the highest possible level of flavor and texture in the dish. Only by doing so is it possible to achieve the outcomes that are sought. This action will result in the delivery of the meal at the highest possible quality, which is the outcome of doing this step.

Can I customize the seasoning?

The veracity of such an assertion cannot be called into question! For the purpose of achieving the taste profile that is most suitable for your preferences, it is essential that you do not experience any reluctance in making adjustments to the seasoning. It is entirely up to you to decide how much soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, or red pepper flakes you want to add to the dish, and you are free to adjust the amount to suit your own individual preferences. As a result of this, you will have the option to manipulate the flavor to suit your preferences.

Is this dish vegan-friendly?

Considering that this crushed tofu banchan does not contain any components that are derived from animals, it is an excellent choice for vegans who are trying to avoid animal products. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for any vegan. In the event that you are adhering to a vegan diet, it is of the utmost importance that you make use of varieties of soy sauce and sugar that are safe for ingestion by vegans. On account of the fact that vegans are more likely to abstain from consuming meals that contain particular components, this follows:.

What can I serve this with?

The combination of banchan, which is created with mashed tofu and a variety of Korean side dishes, such as kimchi, pickled vegetables, or stir-fried greens, is one that is certain to make your mouth fill up with saliva. In addition to the dish, rice that is still in the process of steaming is traditionally served with it. In addition to this, it is quite excellent when mixed with fish and meats that have been roasted or grilled on the grill if you combine it with these ingredients.


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